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In early 2005 a charitable trust was formed in order to
launch the Club’s very successful appeal to raise funds
to help Thai, Singhalese and Indian fishermen who had lost their boats and their livelihood following the tsunami of December 2004. The expenditure of funds was administered through Royal Thames members who were in the areas affected and were spent very effectively by having replacement “long tail” fishing boats made locally (which also benefitted the local communities) to replace those lost in the disaster.  Additional funds supported Trinity House’s work to rebuild a lighthouse and provide replacement navigation buoys in Sri Lanka. All these activities were widely reported at the time and will be found in the archive on the Club’s website.
Subsequently, in November 2006, the Club’s pre-existing charity, The Youth Sailing Trust, was merged into the new charity as their respective objects were practically similar. This is the basis of the present Royal Thames Yacht Club Charitable Trust.
Although the Trust Deed, dated 11 January 2005, sets the trust up with general charitable objects, the Trustees have resolved that the Charity shall support the following objectives:
To help broaden the ambitions of disadvantaged or younger people by giving them the opportunity of broadening their experience through sail training. Preference will be given to those identified by members of the Royal Thames Yacht Club
To support young sailors who show promise in competitive racing, who are in education, or have not yet started full-time careers, using the resources and expertise of the Royal Thames Yacht Club members whenever possible. 
To provide a focus for additional fundraising in response to maritime disasters, particularly when we can draw on the connections of Royal Thames Yacht Club members to ensure the best possible use of the funds.